Nineteen89 is a London based independent record label created in West London in early 2012 by DJ & Club promoter Conor Wheeler.


The label is currently pushing House, Techno and general bass – influenced music to the masses. With a plan to introduce new sounds into the label by the end of the year.


Nineteen89 has gone from strength to strength since the label’s first release in 2012 (Rumah & Progression – Chance Meeting). We are highly passionate about every aspect of the release from the mastering & sound quality of the vinyl through to the photography and artwork – all of which has played such an important role in creating a great & recognisable identity for the Nineteen89 brand..


Our primary aim is to release high quality, intelligent music, combining art and music to create a viable and competitive product. So far we have achieved our goal and we are not looking to stop anytime soon.